CVAC is a specialist independent CV and career advice site, we work only with accounting staff who are looking for specialists to assist them with their CV, job search or career advice.


We will not discriminate on any basis, including gender, age, race, religion or sexual orientation. 


We have high levels of data security and keep your data in a secure, password protected environment. We do not work with third parties and will never share your data with any external organisation. We will retain data in our secure environment that you send to us via email or online form along with any correspondence we have had with you. 

Data protection

It is our policy, as a matter of courtesy, to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours. 


Pre-employment checks

Some businesses perform detailed pre-employment checks when they have offered a job to a candidate. These can include ID checks, previous employment – normally five years, proof of address, verification of academic and professional qualifications, criminal record check and credit check.


Please note that some businesses do not carry out such detailed checks, whilst others will perform just a few of these. However, all employers will carry out ID and employment reference checks.


The company is required to obtain your permission to start pre-employment checks and store the information on their database. At some stage of the selection process you will be asked to sign and date a document that authorises them to commence these checks, normally after you have accepted the job and resigned from your current employer.

  • We will listen, understand and focus on your requirements and expectations.
  • We will provide you with honest feedback throughout the process.
  • We will treat you with the respect and courtesy we would expect to receive ourselves.


We are committed to providing a consistently high quality service to you and have written this charter as a guide to the levels of service that are important to us.


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