CVAC is a specialist independent CV and career advice site, we work only with accounting staff who are looking for specialists to assist them with their CV, job search or career advice.


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On-going support via phone, email or VC.

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Prepare a CV and covering letter and send to you by email.

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Hold a briefing to review your CV and get to know you better.

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We are a contemporary, forward-looking and thinking business that works with accounting professionals at all levels in the UK and Europe. We offer a cost effective and high-quality professional service to help you get the job you deserve! We are recruiters with experience of working with accounting staff at all levels from entry level to FC and above and have prepared thousands of CVs for accounts candidates.

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Our working process

We have a simple four-step process to help you secure the job you deserve. We have a two-day turnaround period from the

time of the initial video briefing.

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Your CV is your opportunity to sell yourself to an employer or recruitment consultant, it is the tool that will secure you an interview. 

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